Beach Wedding —  Rental And Decor For All Events in Corpus Christi, TX

Destination weddings are a popular choice for many couples in the USA. The idea of getting away from normal life by going to an exotic location is very appealing. Locations offering balmy and relaxed beachside nuptials, such as Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Mexico, are the most popular locations for destination weddings.

However, destination weddings also come with a fairly hefty price tag. On average you can expect to spend almost double the amount per guest to host a destination wedding outside the continental USA. It's also customary for the couple to pay for some or all of the travel expenses for their bridal party.
Additionally, many couples choose to hold a second reception in their hometown to accommodate the family and friends that were physically or financially unable to make it to the wedding destination. This can further inflate your overall spending.
Fortunately, it's possible to have a beautiful and relaxed wedding which is inspired by your favorite exotic destination without leaving your hometown. Here are the three key elements you'll need to consider when planning a memorable and colorful destination-style wedding in Corpus Christi.
1. Rent a Tent or Canopy
Whether you're holding your reception on the beach or in a garden, you'll need to provide shelter for your guests. Renting a large tent or canopy is the ideal way to provide shelter while still retaining the outdoor feel of a tropical wedding destination. B & T Rents can provide you with a wide selection of tents and canopies that will suit the style of wedding and number of guests invited.
Tents and canopies also provide a wonderful framework to create a destination theme with your decorations. Floral garlands, fairy lights, rustic lanterns, and brightly colored fabrics can all be hung from the sturdy supporting structure, creating ambiance and flair.
2. Pick the Right Date
One of the biggest draws for destination weddings is the warm and hospitable climate exotic destinations provide. To recreate the balmy tropical feel for your wedding, you'll need to make sure you hold your wedding at the right time of year. Fortunately, the Corpus Christi area is warm enough for an outdoor wedding from April through October.
If you're in any doubt about inclement weather, it's better to be prepared than to have your big day ruined by rain or windy conditions. Opt for a tent or canopy that can have walls added if necessary. This will ensure that your guests have adequate shelter whatever the weather.
3. Choose the Perfect Location
You may be lucky enough to have a friend or family member with a garden or property that is large enough to host your wedding celebration. If you don’t, there are plenty of stunning locations where you can hold your destination-inspired wedding around the Corpus Christi area. Heritage Park, the Watergardens, and several beaches are all locations the city provides access to for weddings.
To secure one of these beautiful and popular sites, make sure you contact the Corpus Christi Parks & Recreation Department well before the date you've decided on. The department can also advise you on any restrictions, fees, or guest-number limitations associated with each location. You may also need to check whether you'll need a permit to have your tent or canopy erected at your chosen site.
Getting these three key elements right when planning your exotic, destination-style wedding is crucial for recreating the atmosphere of a tropical paradise. With the right location, setup, and date, you and your guests will feel as though you've been transported to a far-flung paradise—but without the lengthy travel, expensive bill, or logistical difficulties.