Five Little Kids Celebrating Birthday —  Rental And Decor For All Events in Corpus Christi, TX

If you want less mess, less stress, and plenty of flexibility during your child's birthday bash, a party tent is the ideal way to achieve all three goals. Hosting your child's party under a large event tent keeps your home tidy. The tent also provides venue insurance in case your party lands on a super sunny or super drippy day.

Event tents may be set up at your home or at third party locations—with permission from the property owners, of course. Hotels, parks, and private event venues often allow tent rental near lakes and pools. Tourist farms and beach resorts may also permit tents on their sites for memorable birthday settings.
The open space in an event tent gives you plenty of options for seating arrangements and kids' action stations. Unique and uncommon interests and hobbies can become the inspiration for fun decor and activities under a tent. Find three easy themes for your big tent party below.
1. Artists' Retreat
Is your child a budding painter or sculptor? With an event tent, your open-air party can become an expression of artistic celebration with no worries about the carpet. Every kid dons a smock, then guests take turns at various art stations where they paint, draw, and model with clay. 
Use round paper lanterns in bright colors for ceiling lighting. Decorate the tent poles with ribbons in primary colors. Use bright beach buckets to hold art supplies.
Carry on the creative theme with make-your-own pizzas or subs. Kids can decorate their own cookies or cupcakes for dessert art. Have a clothesline art show for paintings and a tabletop display for sculptures. Each kid can go home with his or her creations and a small art kit as a party favor.
2. Glamorous Boutique Spa
If your child loves all things glamorous, a boutique "spa" is sure to be a party plan hit. Tables arranged along one side of the tent can be set up as spa stations. Party goers can have their face painted, nails done, and hair styled, then they can head to a clothes rack of costume gowns and suits.
You can decorate the poles of the tent with glittery twinkling lights and use a dance floor for the runway. Helium-filled balloons in silver and gold look great floating under a fabric-draped tent ceiling, and a rental chandelier adds a sophisticated touch to the event.
Other activities include making haute couture hats, modeling for a mock fashion show on a platform runway, and having photo shoots with elegant backdrops. Additionally, party favors of costume jewelry and hair ornaments make great mementos.
3. Superhero Dress Up
Kids who prefer more heroic dress-up play may enjoy dressing up as their favorite action heroes or gaming characters. Masks, capes, and other superhero props add to the role playing fun. 
Have a large flat screen playing action movies or cartoons in the background, or play a loop of the soundtracks to favorite action movies. Affix large character balloons to the tent poles, and use string lights in a favorite superhero's colors. Make your child's head table a superhero command center with LED lights and lots of tin foil.
Kids at superhero parties love activities such as participating in scavenger hunts, finding clues to solve a mystery, and hitting a piñata in the shape of a notorious villain. Suitable party favors for this type of party include action figures, DVDs, and key chains featuring popular superheroes. Pack each child’s treats in a superhero lunch bag for an extra special party favor.

Other ideas to consider when hosting a kids' party are equally as fun and memorable. Have a makeshift stage set up for a music-themed party. Kids can play air instruments or real instruments on stage along with their favorite musical tracks. 
Or encourage your kid's inner scientist, Have sandbox artifact digs set up under the tent where kids play in the sand to find treasure and archeological mysteries. Kids can do safe experiments, build inventions with toy bricks, and take home kid-friendly STEM-based science toys.
Let your child's interests and passions guide you as you plan their next themed birthday party. B & T Rents has a suitable tent or canopy for your vision and your guest count. Call us today to reserve your preferred party tent and other party furnishings for your chosen event date.