Now that you have settled on a ring and date, you have lots of planning to do. The lovely golden foliage outside creates the perfect backdrop for an autumn wedding, which will be made fairly simple thanks to customizable tent options.

Once you've decided to host your event outside, you have many options to choose from, ranging from the practical to the ornamental. This guide will help you focus on turning your outdoor fall wedding into a night everybody will remember.

1. Personalize Your Feelings About Autumn

While fall may be closely linked to traditional imagery like pumpkins and gourds, you can still use any type of decoration you want to achieve the look you want. You can think outside the box to create a compelling autumn look without falling into a Halloween theme if that's not what you want.

For example, you can go with a harvest theme rather than a pumpkin theme, using purple and orange tones to create a memorable set. You can skip the squash and gourds altogether and instead rely on flowers to create a classy look.

2. Avoid Using Outdoor Furniture

Your hosting your wedding in a tent does not mean you have to use plastic furniture that may leave your guests uncomfortable. Incorporate cushions and throw pillows in your seating arrangement to create a comfortable look and feel for your guests.

3. Bring in Aesthetically Pleasing Lighting

Lighting for an outdoor wedding should not be stale. Instead of relying on solitary lights to keep the area lit into the evening, try hanging festive lights outside the tent to add a glow. Landscape lighting can make a significant difference.

4. Keep Your Event Cozy

Fall evenings can become cold quite quickly and without warning. Campfires and fireplaces set outside (and away from your tent rental) can add to the ambiance and keep your guests warm. You can even take things a step further and serve warm drinks, like spiked cider or hot chocolate, along with cozy flannel blankets.

5. Pay Attention to Fall Sports

It might sound silly now, but paying close attention to the sports schedule could mean having more people attend your nuptials. If you have friends and family members who are passionate about sports, you may want to avoid holding your event on certain days (unless you are going to provide a place to watch the game).

6. Manage Foliage Ahead of Time

If you own the property on which you will get married, make sure to take care of the foliage early so you are not left dealing with piles of leaves at the last minute. Create a clearing that will not flood in case of rain so you can avoid making mud a fixture of your design.

7. Understand the Natural Lighting Situation

Thanks to online calculators, you can easily assess how much natural light you can expect on the day of your wedding. As fall veers into winter, sunset comes earlier in the evening. If you plan on taking professional photos after your wedding, make sure that you leave plenty of time after the ceremony for this to happen with the lighting.

8. Obtain Required Permits Early

In Texas, you are required to have a permit in order to hold a wedding or similar event on park land. If you plan to get married in a park, then before your tent arrives, make sure that you have already reserved your spot at the park and paid the necessary fees.

B & T Rents offers beautiful tent rentals that will make your wedding personal and beautiful. Your outdoor fall wedding will be exactly as you've always dreamed with our lovely rentals.