Outdoor Wedding Set Up —  Rental And Decor For All Events in Corpus Christi, TX

There's a sparkling new ring on your finger, and you can't wait to plan the perfect wedding. But there's one decision that you're struggling with: where to host your wedding reception. You need a place that fits the theme of your reception and the needs of all your guests. 

Here are five reasons why you should choose an outdoor reception.

1. Versatility

Perhaps you can't find a venue that's the right look for your princess-themed reception. Or maybe you can't imagine hosting your quirky, Star Wars–themed wedding reception in a church or another formal venue.
An outdoor setting gives you the flexibility to choose any wedding theme. The beautiful natural surroundings of trees, flowers, and sky create the perfect backdrop, no matter what reception theme you're going for.

2. Increased Space

If you worry about fitting all your guests into a small church or event center, an outdoor setting is the right choice. Outdoors, guests can feel free to spread out as far as they want. Kids even have the option of going to a separate area, where they can run, play, and let out their energy.

3. Enhanced Time

Indoor wedding venues may hold several different receptions each day. Thus, you may be restricted to just a couple of hours for your wedding reception. You might not even be able to find a reception venue that isn't already booked on your desired wedding date.
However, a large outdoor venue has room for multiple receptions, meaning you can spend as much time there as you need to. Your wedding day will feel less stressed and more special.

4. Comfort

If a formal, stiff wedding reception isn't for you, you and your guests will feel much more comfortable at an outdoor reception. You could change out of your long flowing gown into a cozy party dress, and your guests could wear more casual clothing, too.
You could get even more relaxed with activities like roasting marshmallows around a fire or playing volleyball or croquet. Your guests may come back saying this was the most fun they've ever had at a wedding!

5. Cost Savings

Many wedding venues charge you an exorbitant amount for you to use their space. They may even tack on extra costs if you want to use certain decorations or electronics. You may also end up spending more than you budgeted for on flowers or other decorations.
Holding your reception outdoors can lead to significant cost savings. You're not paying for the costs to run an indoor facility, such as costs for electricity and water.
With the beautiful natural setting, you probably won't spend as much on decorations, either. For example, if your reception is located near a garden, you won't need to buy as many flowers. All you need are a tent or canopy and some simple decorations. Holding an outdoor reception could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Ready To Host An Outdoor Wedding Reception?

If you're convinced that an outdoor reception is right for you, make sure you find the right venue. Consider hosting your reception at a park, a beach, a farm, a lake, or local private gardens.
Once you find the right location, you'll need the right supplies. A tent or canopy will protect your guests in case of inclement weather. Make sure you choose the right sized canopy to shelter all your guests. You can even choose a beautiful canopy designed specifically for weddings.
You may also need to rent certain features, such as stages and dance floorstables and chairsdishes and cutlery, and decorations like gazebos, carpet, and lighting. For any of these outdoor wedding solutions, call B & T Rents.