Happy Couple At The Wedding —  Rental And Decor For All Events in Corpus Christi, TX

Planning a wedding is stressful, no matter what pains you take to ensure its simplicity. One of the easiest ways to make the planning and performance of the special day less complicated is by having your ceremony and your reception at the same outdoor venue. 

In this blog, we discuss nine benefits of having these events at the same outdoor location.

1. Simplify Scheduling

When you have your ceremony and reception at the same place, scheduling is simplified. You no longer have to figure out how long it's going to take everyone to get from one place to the other, you don't have to set up your wedding decorations in two venues, and you don’t have to rush your photographer.

2. Eliminate Transportation Needs

Having your ceremony and reception take place at the same venue means you only need to schedule and pay for one ride. You also no longer have to worry about any traffic concerns when moving from ceremony to reception. Unexpected traffic can crop up anywhere, so not having to travel between venues is always a plus.

3. Create Less Hassle For Out-Of-Town Guests

Any out-of-town guests will appreciate having only one location to travel to. No matter how reliable a GPS is, a guest is much more likely to get lost and be late if he or she has more than one venue to find.

4. Coordinate With One Venue Staff

Coordinating with your venue staff is extremely important. You need to know if they have preferred vendors, what time you can arrive, what time you need to leave by, and how elaborate of decorations you're allowed to put up. When you only have one venue, you only need to coordinate with one set of staff rather than keeping track of two.

5. Be More Convenient For Vendors

Many venues have preferred vendors, meaning that if you have your ceremony and reception at two different locations you may have to hire two different vendors. Even if a single vendor will work both locations, keeping everything in one venue makes it easier on you and your vendors because they only have to set up once.

6. Decorate One Venue

A lot of time goes into decorating a wedding venue. When you have both your ceremony and reception at the same venue, the amount of required decorations halves. You also don't have to coordinate the styles of the venues to make the day feel like one big celebration rather than two separate occasions.

7. Customize Easily

If your single venue is outdoors, you can have a lot of options for customization. To separate the ceremony and the reception, you can set up a gazebo, tent, or even dance floor to indicate which space is for the ceremony and which is for the reception. This way, you get the benefits of having two different venues without reserving two separate locations.

8. Be More Cost Effective

By needing one less limo ride, cutting half the decorations, creating less hassle for the vendors, and reserving only one venue, you can save a lot of money. While you may have to pay more to reserve a single venue for the whole day rather than just a few hours, this single reservation typically is still cheaper than reserving two venues.

9. Enjoy Non-Denominational Comfort

By having both your ceremony and reception in a beautiful outdoor venue, you can also enjoy a non-denominational setting. This atmosphere can help guests who may not share your religious beliefs feel more comfortable. If you and your future spouse are from different religions, you also don't have to fight over who gets to celebrate their traditions.
Finding a single venue to host both your reception and ceremony can save you a lot of time, money, and stress. Start searching for your perfect wedding venue today.