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Spring is the time to host a great backyard gathering that starts the outdoor season off with a bang. Whether you're hosting a party to celebrate love, new babies, or just the ability to be outside after a long winter, a spring garden party is the perfect way to do it. After all, if it's good enough for the Queen of England, it'll be fantastic for your friends! 

So, how do you throw a garden party, and how can you make it a memorable time for all? Here are five steps.
Plan Ahead
Spring is a particularly unpredictable time of year, especially in Texas. While you want to enjoy the great outdoors, you never know whether you'll end up with too much sun, overbearing humidity, or wild winds. Prepare for all possible outcomes by renting some equipment to protect your guests. 
party tent is a must-have for any backyard event. If it's hot, it can shield your guests from the sun. If things turn stormy, it keeps them dry. At the very least, it can help protect your food display from bugs and heat. If you worry that things might become chilly--especially if you plan an evening event--add outdoor heaters to your list. 
Decorate With Colors
Spring is the time to celebrate the return of flowers, sunshine, and color to the landscape. So use these elements to decorate. Large tissue paper flowers and pom-poms create an immediate and colorful impact on any surface. Party flags, bright plates, and colorful rented linens on the tables are other easy ways to brighten things up.
Don't forget to use lots of spring flowers. The flowers can be simple--such as daisies, carnations, or peonies--and still be charming. Look for flowers that are local and in-season for the best deals.
Light It Up
If the party will run into the evening hours, be sure to add some fun lighting options. String lights hung in the trees, wrapped around posts, and hung along the perimeter fencing will make things safer and add ambiance. You could also look for small lights in a fun design, such as ladybugs, dragonflies, or rosebuds.
Simple solar lighting along pathways helps keep everyone on their feet without the need for extra cords. For lighting on and around the tables and chairs, you could add candles on the tables, rustic hanging lanterns on shepherd's hooks, or paper luminaries. 
Dress Up
Traditional British garden parties are an opportunity to dress up and show off your finest. While you may not have actual royalty on your guest list, why not act like it? Request on the invitations that guests don spring day dresses, seasonal colors, or suits and ties. Encourage fine hats, fascinators, and formal gloves. 
You can make it fun to dress up by offering prizes for the best hat or the best couple's attire. Create a photo op area for everyone to take pictures of their fun day. Add formality of your own by recruiting some wait staff among friends and dressing them in black slacks and white shirts to serve your guests.
Keep Food Light
The food at a garden party is typically light finger foods. Afternoon parties work perfectly with tea served in china teapots and delicate mugs. Combine that with quarter sandwiches, veggie appetizers, and fresh fruit or a cheese plate. 
If your party is later in the day, you may want to add some bubbly champagne, fruity wine, coffee, or summer sangria. Top things off with finger-sized desserts like tarts, macarons, and cupcakes. 
With these touches, your first garden party will undoubtedly be a hit with everyone who attends. You might even create your own backyard, spring tradition.