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The American flag is a symbol that continues to have a strong impact in the US after hundreds of years. Everything about it has significance, right down to the colors. The white represents purity, the red signifies passion and the blue stands for justice. However, they did not always have these associations. Over the years, ever since the first flag was sewn, various changes have been made, adding stars and stripes and rearranging the configuration until it became what we recognize today. At B&T, we carry all fifty state flags, enabling anyone to show their pride and honor their home state. Though, being located in Corpus Christi, our most popular item is the Texas flag. It echoes the same patriotic red, white and blue of the American flag, with its famous lone star representing the unity of the state. The Gadsden flag is another popular item, with its iconic “Don't Tread on Me” message.
U.S Flag —  Rental And Decor For All Events in Corpus Christi, TX

Banners, Pennants and Flagpole Installation

Flags, pennants and banners have applications for all different kinds of locations and occasions. Whether hung outside a school, on a stage, in a classroom, waved at a sports game, or outside a business, we have them all. B&T Rents carries these specialty styles and more:
  • Military, POW/MIA
  • Sports Teams & NFL
  • Historical
  • Religious
  • Armed Forces
  • International
  • Christian


Also Serving Kingsville and Rockport

Buy flags of any size or significance at B&T from hand-held to the largest outdoor variety. We offer selection assistance, flagpole installation, maintenance, cleaning and repair. Your flag of choice deserves respect, and we are here to provide it. Whether you are preserving a historical symbol or celebrating your favorite sports team, we offer quality products designed to withstand both indoor and outdoor use. For reliable service in the Corpus Christi, Rockport or Kingsville area, contact our team at 361-884-6238.