How to Rent the Perfect Wedding Tent

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Outside weddings are beautiful, but there's no way to predict the weather when you're planning an event. There are generally two types of tent rentals: pole and frame. Pole tents have the big swooping roof that is more aesthetically pleasing and generally will be less expensive. However, since they must be staked in the ground, it may not work in every setting. Frame tents can be erected on any surface and can be attached together to get different shapes and configurations. This style also takes longer to put up, and the frame will be visible from the inside. However, you can rent a liner to cover this. With your wedding tent rental, you can also rent a floor or heating elements.
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Picking the Right Size

The size of the tent will really be determined by how you plan to use it. Here are some general guidelines:
  • Ceremony tent - 9 square feet per guest
  • Cocktail party - 12 square feet per guest
  • Seated dinner - 18 square feet per guest
  • Buffet dinner - 20 square feet per guest
For example, 25 guests at a ceremony would require a tent that offers at least 225 square feet. To find the square footage of a tent, multiply the width times the length. A tent that is 15 feet by 20 feet totals 300 square feet, which would seat 25 guests during the ceremony.


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