Huge Selection of Tent Rentals in Corpus Christi

We rent an expansive selection of tents and canopies to accommodate your setting and support the theme of your event. Developing our skills for 75 years, B&T Rents brings you experience and top quality equipment for occasions in Corpus Christi and its neighboring communities.
Tent On Field —  Rental And Decor For All Events in Corpus Christi, TX
There are a variety of styles to consider:

Pole-Supported Tents

These feature individual poles placed to create an appealing shape while also supporting the fabric. With cables, stakes, weights and just the right amount of tension, our pole-supported shelters reflect the history of event structures and continue to be a popular choice today.

Pipe Frame-Supported Structures

This framework is assembled from sturdy pipes, resulting in a free-standing structure that is appropriate for smaller events. This type of structure boasts quick and easy assembly and disassembly.

Clearspan Assemblies

With a steelbox framework, this structure is useful for long-term, large events. Beneath the fabric roof there are large open areas with few obstructions. Construction of these assemblies requires heavy equipment.

The Tensile Tent

Combining the best qualities of pole-supported structures and the right amount of tension, this modern design delivers a sculpted and curvilinear appearance. What sets a canopy apart? A simple answer is that canopies have a top, but no sides to enclose the event.

Which Canopy Is Best For Your Rockport and Kingsville Event?

Let us help you determine the right canopy rental in Rockport for your special event: Begin by determining the size of your event and the purpose of your shelter. For example, seated dining and the use of tables and chairs typically call for about 10-12 square feet per guest. If you only need aisles, you may only need eight square feet per person. Are you interested in a cocktail service? Then count on up to five or six square feet per guest.

Next, answer the following questions about your event:
  • How many guests will you invite?
  • Which activities will you host?
  • Where is your event to be held?
  • How much room will you need for seating?
  • What space will you need for food and entertainment?


Let's Get Started

When you choose B&T Rents, you can be confident that you will have the finest equipment and supplies in Corpus Christi as well as Rockport and Kingsville. We also carry a wide array of supplies for events like tables and chairs, décor and flags. Call us today to work out the details at 361-884-6238.