Rent Quality Wheelchair and Mobility Scooters in Corpus Christi

For more than 75 years, we have been a reliable source of medical mobility products for our friends and neighbors in Corpus Christi. We are dedicated to providing the medical supply equipment you need to live life as comfortably as possible. Many people require assistance when it comes to walking or getting around, and renting is a great way to achieve this goal while saving money. A power wheelchair offers easy maneuvering in tight spaces and over rough terrain. The electric motor also helps take a load off of tired joints and muscles. A manual chair gives the user more direct control and builds upper body strength. For those with severely decreased mobility, a scooter is a great option. This rental option affords the user access to nearly all environments, and is both comfortable and easy to control.
Black Wheelchair —  Rental And Decor For All Events in Corpus Christi, TX


Crutches and Walkers in Kingsville or Rockport

A single crutch, a set of crutches or a walker are other options, designed for those who still have some use of their legs. While this equipment is designed to support the user's weight, canes cannot. A walking cane is used primarily to maintain balance and does not hold much of a load. At B&T Rents, we provide mobility products for every level of ability.

No matter your situation, we have a variety of mobility devices to enable you to get out of bed and go about your day. This does wonders for your physical and mental health. Everyone deserves a good quality of life. Whether you are giving or receiving care, our team at B&T Rents proudly offers affordable, quality medical equipment, including mobility and hospital beds, in Corpus Christi, Rockport and Kingsville. Get in touch with us at 361-884-6238.